Jun 2, 2006

Unexpected Night Out

I put Ella to bed and picked up Punky Mom. We entered Krypto Music Lounge at about 9:30 and were delighted to watch some art films until 10:15. “Ok class, were going to watch a film strip” came above the crowd from somewhere in the room and the format of our entertainment changed. We watched a film strip called “Our Changing Bodies” narrated by a lady in the crowd. About the time I finished my drink our host walked over to our table and asked us to pick the next filmstrip. It was a toss up between “Paul Bunyan”, “The Wonderful Uses of Radiation” or “Personal Hygiene and You”. We picked “Personal Hygiene and You” and at Punky Mom's insitance, I narrated. “Ladies, comb your hair until it shines like a halo”.

I ordered coffee and watched the Found guys unload their minivan outside the plate glass we sat next to. At about 11:00 Davy took the stage and started reading found notes and talking about the trip across the country. We ate it up. His brother took the stage and sang a few songs culminating the mini concert with “The Booty Don’t Stop”. A few more finds read and then some from the audience and they were good. One fella took the stage and handed over a trunk filled with someone’s life’s treasures he had found on a bus he bartered for. They opened the trunk for the first time and splayed the items out onto the stage – it was interesting and sad. We all gathered around the things and took mental notes. Does anyone in those pictures look familiar? Is the handwriting identifiable? We peered into the top drawer of someone’s soul; ballet slippers, one baby shoe, stacks of unrecognizable photos, a diary, a statue of Mary, a dress… sad.

I talked with Davy for a bit, he remembers most of the finds and everyone standing near told him about their favorites. Mine is a little egg with an eyelet hinge on the side, when opened a little chicken was there. It was entitled "Joy". I saw it on the website in 2002 and stole the image. I imagine it was some 3rd graders art the project that fell out of his backpack on the way home. I looked for it on the website - it's gone and I had the image on C drive three computers ago. So there you have it "Joy" is lost.

Punky Mom bought a CD, I bought issue #3 of Found. I asked Davy for a picture and an autograph and I handed him my meager boring ol grocery list found in a pocket. He thanked me and we left. It was great.


loelsh said...

Sounds like fun!

Who knows, maybe joy will once again be found!

Java Junkie said...

I have to admit I'd never heard of Found but that's one of the things I find MOST interesting about going to garage sales. It's like you're looking at a part of someone's life that they're moving past. I love to wonder about how they came upon this decorative plate or came to the decision that they no longer wanted it, or how much this collection of National Geographic magazines meant to someone's grandfather. I think it's probably close to the same thing.

Jenny said...

It's just like that.

cameo said...

okay, i don't want to freak you out or anything, but i think i want your life. you are the most interesting person i've come across in a long time. and the things you have brought to my attention, well, i thank you.
one of my favorite found things is an old tuba - turned out to be worth a LOT of money. i'm still sitting on it.
the last thing i found was an old suitcase by the side of the road. when i took it home and opened it, there were clothes from the forties, and stockings still in the package, and robes, and linens - it was a great find! i've used some of her things in shows - new life for the tossed treasures!

Jenny said...

Aw shucks Cameo.

You know I only write about the fun stuff. Don't worry there are plenty of days around here filled with dishes and laundry and poo and dog hair and bad TV.

cameo said...

yeah, i know. but your fun stuff is just so.... fun.