Jan 31, 2016

Idealogues a List

Equality for all despite, gender, race, ability, and wealth.
Livable minimum wage. 
Tax the rich.
Feed the poor. 
Health care for everyone. 
Pay teachers. 
Gun control.
Reinvest in these United States by rebuilding infrastructure.
Stop trashing our planet. 
Don't hit. 
Make peace.

Jan 28, 2016

I think my ear is screwed on too tight

I have this headache and when I tug on my ear it feels better.
When I pinch my eyebrow it feels better.
While tilting my head all the way to the right, I yawn, and it feels better.
I can twist my arm back behind me as far as it goes and it feels better.
If I sit on the chair in front of someone and have them stab the spot at the end on my shoulder-blade with their thumb, it feels better.
I can't very well go walking around town pinching and yawning and stretching and getting stabbed with a thumb, so I took a pill and a nap.
My head still hurts.

Jan 13, 2016


Dear Humanity,

Can we just do better at keeping the children safe? I'm tired of reading the news.


Jan 7, 2016

January List

I like this day where it's warming up and the snow is sort of melty and the air as all humid and slushy.
Instant coffee all morning.
New (to me) coat from the boy's department at the resale shop is cozy and looks totally cute with my snow pants and slushy snow boots.
Junky tv shows like Bar Rescue and Project Runway Jr.
Misspelled notes from a Kindergartner.
Pretzels and beer.