Aug 31, 2009

Aug 28, 2009

Fluorescent Bunny Alert

There was a point in my life when I was sure that everything had been done. Every story told, ever painting painted and everything after was just a variation of something else. I suppose we could still boil it all down to woman vs nature, herself etc... but I'm getting off subject. I thought this for a long time and sometimes I would get on the internet and type in "show me something new" or "original thoughts" it took years before I stumbled on Alba the work of Eduardo Kac. Seeing him shook me. Clearly I was mistaken and ever after when I see something truly new I think of it as a fluorescent bunny moment.

This morning, the main stream media showed me a story about a lady who does sand animation. I'm not sure what makes me more happy; seeing something new, or having proof that people en mass can and will appreciate art that doesn't involve boobs and explosions, or seeing the main stream media cover it. If you haven't watched it yet, here is Kseniya Simonova, a 24 year old sand animator who just won top prize in Ukrain's Got Talent, doing sand animation portraying life during WWII.

Aug 25, 2009

First Day of School

For the first time in five and a half years I am alone for seven hours. So far I've accomplished everything on my list. It's only 9:41am.

Aug 20, 2009

Someone Invent This

I'm tired of having the correct paperwork and documentation to sign up for life. Can't I just put it all on a flash drive and then bring that with me everywhere I go? The doctor, the school, the police, and whomever else that wants to update my information can do that and then I'll just wear it around my neck like a locket with pictures of my loved ones on the inside as well as all the pertinant information I need to fill a perscription or apply for fall classes. Then every month I'll update to some cloud floating around the internet just in case I loose my locket in the ocean.

Aug 19, 2009

Quick update and a link

So much is going on and amidst it all Ella, the dog and I just drove 1200 miles in the rain back home to TX. I'm signing Ella up for Kindergarten this week and that just needs to be all it's own post but today I need to tell you that I started another blog. It's called Clear Lake Newbie and I'm writing it for the Houston Chronicle. It's just going to be about what it's like to move to Houston (Clear Lake Area to be exact) and you can find it here page on down a little ways and you'll see my picture - I have the long hair going on there. So I hope to get that updated once a week as well as posting here every day again and since Ella is starting school I'll have the time to fill.

Aug 12, 2009


The crazy fun happening on vacation ends today as I bring Ella in to see her Illinois doctor and get her school shots. The insurance won't cover school shots in Texas so this was on the agenda from way back. Apparently our health is only important if we are dying. Preventative medicine, like vaccinations, though much cheaper than an emergency room visit, isn't important. That's the problem with letting insurance companies decide what kind of care we deserve. It always irks me when people throw out there that politicians will be making the decisions instead of doctors, if we pass reform. My doctor hasn't been able to make a decision about my health based on what's best for me in years - she has to call the insurance company and get whatever it is I need pre-certified, then we all hope that every secretary and medical coder crossed every T and checked every box so as not to give the insurance company any reason to deny payment.

Years ago I had my appendix out and because the surgeon was very good and they let me go home the next day the insurance company decided it was an out-patient procedure and therefore anesthetic wasn't necessary and I received the bill for $4,000.00. It's nuts. I have more to say about this and oh boy is it a good story, but I have to be on my current insurance through the end of August. I'd rather not bite the hand that may still need to slap me around for the next few weeks, but on September 1st Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL better look out. And for now I will just say let's pass reform now!

Aug 4, 2009

I'm still breathing

I'm just breathing the air in Illinois again. Over the weekend Dan and I drove nonstop 19 hours back to Illinois (another story for another day.) We will be here for a couple of weeks tying up loose ends and closing bank accounts, stuff like that. Then back to Texas to start school. So far we have almost every day filled with relatives and activities. Poor kiddo has to get her shots for school while we're here. We'll be going to the Riverhawks tonight with some pals. I've got the dog with me and since it's the Dog Days of Summer at the baseball game we can bring her with us. I'll update after and let you know how crazy I am for attempting a baseball game with a five year old and a dog. Hopefully I can get my camera figured out and post pics.