May 23, 2011

Brilliantly Awkward

Living with a lanky seven year old can be like living with Kramer from Seinfeld. Not only is she skittering into a room and tripping over her growing limbs constantly, she often has these ideas for businesses she'll start when she grows up.

"I'm going to start a business that shops for the groceries for you and then brings them to your house, I'll call it 'Food Getters.'"

May 10, 2011

Turn It Off

How much energy does it take to run an escalator? They can't be used by people with strollers of wheelchairs, so I think they're limited to to people who can use stairs but just don't want to. Maybe we should burn less fossil fuels and a more fat to get to the second floor?

Papua New Guinea man sees an escalator for the first time.

May 3, 2011

Tits and a Dead Terrorist!

Facebook won't let people post photos of breastfeeding mothers but yesterday I was inundated with pictures of a dead terrorist. I read comments about drawing and quartering a human, letting people spit on a grave, parading a decapitated head around the country for all to see. If these thoughts are less offensive than milky breasts to the public then we have lost our way.