Sep 30, 2006


Ella is no longer a baby; I guess she really hasn’t been for a long time as she’s almost three. She is still in diapers and all that but the threshold into kid-hood for me was her ability to reason and express that train of thought and so now we have arguments. She still throws herself on the ground and kicks her feet in protest but before that whole desperate process starts she says things like “I don’t want to” and “but pleeaaaaase”. Bargaining works too now, yesterday at my husband’s Grandmother’s funeral I was able to seal a deal for sustained silence with a peppermint candy. Whenever she forgot her promise all I would have to whisper “Do you still want that piece of candy?” and she would furiously nod and I would put my finger to my mouth and “shhhh”. I have to admit I love this, not for the begging, arguing and bargaining that is happening but the phrases that blow my mind; “It’s easy for towels to live in the closet because the closet is really a house for the laundry.” or “You don’t have to share shoes, just toys and candy but not shoes”.

She also tends to personify everything. I’m not sure if this is from too many talking spoons on Sesame Street or if kids naturally do that. I remember doing it when I was a kid. I always had to have two jelly beans in my mouth so the first on wouldn’t feel lonely and I was never mean to chairs and never left knots in my shoes because who wants to wake up in the morning with knots in their hair so maybe it’s genetic. Every one of my stuffed animals had a name and if you showed them to me today I could tell them to you, although Ella names all her babies the same name. Like when Ramona Quimby thought “Chevrolet” was the prettiest name ever, my Ella loves the name “Jealous”. You can often hear her in the corner of her playroom cooing “C’mere baby Jealous I will read you this book, don’t cry”. If you ask her what her giraffe’s name is she’ll tell you “Jealous” and her monkey? “Jealous”. And her bear? “Jealous”. Little ol’ ladies who ask and get the response “Jealous” often think they heard her wrong and reply to her “That’s a wonderful name” while simultaneously looking at me to explain. I gave up trying to explain with “Jell-us she names her babies Jell-us because she thinks it’s a pretty sounding word.” It doesn’t seem to clear anything up for minds expecting to hear “Janie she’s trying to say Janie” so now, I just smile and shrug.

Sep 29, 2006

Sep 28, 2006

What Would Your Neighbors Say?

The neighbors and I have had dueling remotes for about a month now. I live on the corner so I’m not sure which of our three neighbors it is, but I do know they like to watch the Tyra Banks show on Oxygen, Dog the Bounty Hunter and sometimes Three’s Company. At first I was annoyed but now I let the channel stealer meander hoping they will pick something that will be telling about their personality so I can figure out who it is. Last week at the usual 10pm the neighbor decided to watch “The Secret Lives of Women: Swingers” - eep! I wonder what they think of me insisting on the Daily Show for both of us nightly as our radio signals tug the channels to and fro.

Sep 26, 2006

half humor and half romantic

We flew in on Thursday afternoon and when we arrived at the house it was stunning and there was even beer in the fridge. Thursday evening was spent grocery shopping and hanging around the pool whilst some of the party saw Celine Dion which was described as “Everything, just everything from the singing to the special effects and the dancing and the wardrobe it was just everything you expected”. The house did have a few problems but I wonder if they are the same problems that we would find staying in any strange house. It took time to figure out which lights turned what on and the wireless internet wasn’t exactly accessible enough for me to blog. The pool wasn’t warm until the second day and the shower in the pool house only had cold water (eek!). Oh I know it’s like complaining the caviar is too salty, we should all have it so hard. Although the view was incredible next time we’ll get something closer to the strip.

Friday we slept in and in the afternoon got our fancy duds on in preparation for an Elvis ceremony. It was half humor and half romantic and I almost cried. Well worth it. After we took everyone out for dinner at the Paris were we found everything from crab legs to crepes it was incredible. The rest of the weekend was spent sight seeing and gambling. I ended up winning for the weekend and Dan lost but we never did spend everything we brought so we’re counting that as coming home ahead, anytime you can come back from vacation in Vegas and put money back in the bank its good. My three favorite places? The Peppermill lived up to its swanky reputation as did the buffet at Paris and Ella loved the shark reef at Mandalay Bay.

Photos will follow when blogger is cooperating.

Sep 25, 2006

The Slot Machine Ate My Homework

We are home safe and sound and with money in our pockets and a camera full of pictures. We are exhausted from the traveling. "What I did on my Vegas Vacation" will be written after I've gotten some sleep. For now I will leave you with the song Ella sang to me after dinner today:

Won't you play a simple melody,
Like my Mother sang to me,
Like in our grey Las Begas house,
We live in our big white house now,
We have our bites in our frigerator,
I ate peanut butter and I like spicy chips,
It's a beautiful song,
We love a chother* and I love my Mother,

Next time won't you sing with meeeeee-yah!
The fishes are making songs for me
woo hoooo pah lah pah lah woo looo hoo!
All right kittens...
I can't hear youuuuu!...
We play Candy Land and I love Candy Land and
Chocolate is the best.

*Ella speak for "each other"

Flying Home This Morning

Sep 19, 2006

We're Reloping, Dan is getting the ladder out on Thursday

That's right, we've already had the giant church wedding and the 350 guest reception with every aunt and uncle from Kookamunga in attendance with the toasts and the first dance and all that hooha and it was fun but this week when we renew our vows were are eloping or re-loping if you will to Las Vegas to do it.

In two days Dan, Ella and I with four other families will be flying to Las Vegas NV. Among the four couples are Grandma and Grandpa D., Mr. and Mrs. Tater Tot, Mr. and Mrs. Dancing Pants along with the Mr. Little Fiddler (age 7) and Mr. Tiny Dancer (age 2), Mr. and Mrs. Punky along with puny Miss Pirate Poohey (age 2). The schedule as I know it so far goes like this. We arrive Thursday afternoon where we pick up our cars and drive to our hotel or rented home (wichever applies). The house is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, Tuscan style home with a heated pool and Jacuzzi, pool table, foosball table, big screen TV, gourmet kitchen and a mountain range in the back yard. It’s luxury galore 10 minutes from the strip. We’ll do a little grocery shopping and have some dinner and then drop Grandma and Grandpa D. at Cesar’s Palace to see Celine Dion, tickets are first row, first mezzanine. While they are hearing Celine pour her heart and soul out in song we’ll bring Ella downtown to see the Freemont Street Experience. Friday will be a leisurely day of primping, painting, brushing and in general getting on our best fluff in preparation to celebrate my and Dan’s 10th wedding anniversary. At precisely 3:15pm we will all roll up to Graceland Chapel (with the exception of anyone that might be winning large amounts of money at the casino, they are totally excused from the proceeding) and at 3:30pm all will bear witness to a renewal of our wedding vows performed by Elvis. At 3:46pm we will leave for dinner (TBA). The remaining two days left in Las Vegas will be spent no doubt pool side or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here and maybe even here. Saturday night Ella has a date with Grandma and Grandpa D and I have a date with my husband, I don’t know where Ella and Grandma and Grandpa D. are going but I think we’d like to go to the Peppermill for a drink or two. Sunday we’ll go to the Shark Reef. Monday morning we leave for home hopefully with our pockets stuffed with winnings and a plan to do it again next year.

Yes, I am bringing our laptop, yes I will be posting photos and no, what happens in Vegas will not necessarily stay in Vegas (or at least the best bits will be published, though some names may be changed to protect the guilty.)

Sep 18, 2006


What a weekend! We had Shoulung from Hidden Dragon and Mrs. Shoulung stay with us for the weekend which meant a lot of eating out, drinking wine, playing cards and deep and sometimes absurd philosophical/political discussions. If you read Hidden Dragon after Saturday’s guest post you may know Mr. and Mrs. Shoulung are on the opposite end of where Mr. and Mrs. Bombadee sit on the political spectrum. Luckily the dichotomy of our friendship totally withstands differing philosophies and surprisingly we agree on many issues. This friendship is based on much wine and beer and eleven years of great arguing resulting in phrases like “Hey remember that discussion we had last time I saw you, (four years ago) well recently, I read George Lucas concluded, despite the novels, the clones do not later become the storm troopers” popping out of peoples mouths (Jeff, you crack me up) just after a handshake and “It’s so nice to see you again, glad you’re in town”. In any case it was wonderful to have them here for the weekend and we look forward to their next visit. Mr. and Mrs. Shoulung the guest bedroom is always yours.

Sep 16, 2006

Moving is a Royal Pain

Guest Post from Shoulung at Hidden Dragon

Good morning all, my wife and I are traveling and moving and seeing friends. She is getting a new job (starts Tuesday), so we moved from Charlotte, NC to Winston Salem, NC on the 13th. We had beautiful weather for two weeks, then on Wednesday it rained. All day. I was drenched from 8am to 8pm, but we got it all done. Except for the things that I couldn't fit in the truck, or didn't want to bring out into the rain. So we have to make a couple more trips back down to Charlotte for the rest. Blegh.

This weekend we have traveled to Rockford, IL, for my father's retirement party. So the house is sitting there, filled with boxes that are not unpacked. We have a library of 1,000 plus books that need to get shelved, and all of the rest of the household goods. We managed to get part of the kitchen unpacked and semi-organized, as well as some of the bedroom stuff and some of the bathroom gear. So I am going to be busy when we get back on Tuesday. My new job doesn't start until ? so I get to do the dirty work.

I do enjoy part of it though, and that is organizing and arranging the furniture according to the feng shui principles. It is visually pleasing and really does create a harmonious atmosphere.

Here are some pics of what it 'can' look like, later I will post some pics of what we have actually done.

We looking forward to staying here for at least two years, so that we can get established and settle in to the community. Stay tuned...

Sep 15, 2006

Price Check

I stopped at Penny’s today to buy white socks on my way to derby practice. While I was there I wandered back to house-wares and found a king size comforter on sale for $8.99. I asked the clerk “Is this REALLY $8.99?” She replied “That’s what it says.” I picked out matching pillow cases for $3.99. I drug it up to the register with my $10.00 socks and asked the girl at the register “Is this REALLY $8.99?” she replied “Can’t be, I’d better check”. One price check later I was buying just $10.00 socks and wishing I had kept my mouth shut.


The whole town is having a garage sale this weekend, some started today. Hooray!


Homecoming was this week, the kids went out and t-peed their friend’s houses. Apparently it’s quite the status symbol to wake up and have toilet paper threaded through all the trees in your yard. I’ve even heard tale of some kids doing their own houses.


Ella took a picture of me and Dan today in the back yard at my Mom's house.

Sep 14, 2006

Housewife's List - Yawn

Busy busy here at Casa de Bombadee. In the next seven days I will:

  • clean house (twice)
  • do all the laundry in the whole house (twice)
  • prepare for a weekend of house guests
  • grocery shop
  • go to a retirement party
  • derby practice (three times)
  • get a hair cut
  • get dresses dry cleaned
  • pack for vacation
  • bring Wednesday-dog to the doggy spa
  • blog
  • shop for vacation
  • yell at somebody (I’m sure that one’s inevitable given this list)
  • Board a plane with a two year old
  • Land in Vegas and have a cosmopolitan

Sep 13, 2006

Recipe for Success

Antibiotic frosting

3/4 t. of banana flavored doctor prescribed antibiotics
4 T. powdered sugar
1 graham cracker

1/2 t. sprinkles

Combine antibiotics and sugar and stir into a paste. Spread it on a graham cracker, layer with sprinkles and pretend to be dismayed when child only licks the frosting off the cracker and then asks for more. Tell her she can have more after dinner when her second dose is due.

(note: try to stifle evil mastermind laugh in front of child)

Go see!

Sep 12, 2006


Hi bloggies, I leave for vacation in nine days and I'm working on several projects today that have me tied in knots. The weather is crappy for the nth day in a row leaving my snot filled kid yearning for the TV yet again and the website I’m working on isn’t cooperating like I need it to. I am tired ya’ll just tired. I’ll be feeding the toddler Cold-eez all day and picking up my dresses from the seamstress this afternoon. I’ll try them on for everyone and post pics. After arranging for this vacation I’ll need a vacation.

Sep 11, 2006

New Paradigm

Isaac and Emma,

You two were born on the anniversary of the catalyst that started our own little baby boom. It seemed this day in 2001 brought things into focus for us and our friends. We knew a few people with kids but most in our circle hadn’t thought about really settling down yet. Since that cataclysmic day, eighteen families near and dear to us decided to have babies. I don’t think it was coincidence. Couples who vehemently proclaimed they were never having children announced their proud expectant news to us at parties. It seemed every one we knew had restructured priorities and longed for children. A new paradigm was born on that day and so were you. We looked inward and saw our own mortality and we began to looking outward into the world and we saw sanguinity and promise and passion. So here’s to September 11th – the day that eighteen families found hope and decided to grow. Happy Birthday Kids, I hope it's all you expected life to be and then some!

Love, Bombadee

Isaac is 3 today and Emma is 1

Sep 8, 2006

I have none

I hate posting when I have no point. My words meander and my thoughts fall all over themselves trying to lead the paragraph in the right direction or the left direction or no direction and it all gets confusing. A short walk through my recollections turns to a long haul reminiscing about an era. An opinion requires a jillion clarifications and evolves into a diatribe. Having a point requires that I organize my thoughts and some days there just isn’t enough coffee, so today my point is I have none.

Sep 7, 2006

In La-La Land Part II

Ella says:

"Seahorses don’t have dresses to wear."

"I think I need a Doctor, because I have some feelings."

"When I’m a grown up I can paint the front door."

"When I’m a Grandma I can have a remote."

"The moon doesn’t say ‘hi’, that’s silly Mom."

Sep 6, 2006

Retraction of Endorsement for Rabbi Schmuley

Twisty over at I Blame the Patriarchy writes about Breast Feeding. You know I tried hard not to jump in and say anything as I have come to the conclusion that any breast feeding debate exists only so women will quibble amongst each other thus reinforcing the patriarchical idea that we can't stop quibbleing long enough to make a decision and that is why we shouldn't run things. Twisty was completely agreeing with me wich was very satisfying and required no comment from me, but then I read this, (prepare for hackle raising):

from Mom's Don't Forget to Feed Your Marriages

"...With this particular couple, the situation was even worse. Their sex life had died completely, and one of the main causes was the mother's obsession with breast-feeding well into the child's eleventh month. The baby was attached to his mother like a limb, and he even slept with her every night...

...I told the mother that in being so devoted to her son, she had committed the cardinal sin of marriage, which is to put someone else before her spouse, even if that someone is your child. Furthermore, I said, her obsession had turned one of her most attractive body parts into a feeding station, an attractive cafeteria rather than a scintillating piece of flesh...."

What!? The?! Frick!? Let me give it to you again

"...her obsession had turned one of her most attractive body parts into a feeding station, an attractive cafeteria rather than a scintillating piece of flesh".

Who said this? What idiot opened his testosterone filled head to have crap come spilling out? My heart is breaking. It was Rabbi Schmuley of Shalom in the Home. The guy I looked forward to seeing, the guy I endorsed right here on this blog. ARG! I am so dissapointed. I respond with:

"Dear Rabbi Schmuley,
Obviously you are not the man I thought you were. When you wrote "see quote above" you disappointed me in a way that could discredit much of your marital advice. This statement shines light on your fundamental feelings towards Women and that could crumble the foundation you build your theories on. Mutual love and respect have little to do with a “scintillating piece of flesh”. You’ve let me down, shame on you for your ignorance and for propagating an idea that upholds the subjectification of women. Damnit Schmuley, I liked you!
Here’s hoping you see the light, Bombadee"

Furthermore dear bloggies, until I receive a satisfactory clarification on behalf of Rabbi Schmuley I retract my endorsement. I no longer "love him already".

(Twisty's blog readers responded with:

CafeSiren Sep 4th, 2006 at 3:29 pm And there’s also this from the Rabbi’s piece: " when a mother gives her breasts to her son and takes them away from her husband, the effect on the marriage can feel the same [as adultery]." What about the radical idea that a woman’s breasts belong neither to her baby nor her husband, but to her?

Jezebella Sep 4th, 2006 at 3:33 pm Oh, CafeSiren, you so silly! Silly girl, silly silly: women don’t own their boobies! Oh no, no, no. Off to re-education camp with you.)

Sep 5, 2006

Long Rambling and Dramatic. Like a Made for TV Movie

As we left Borders on East State St. Dan pulled the van up so we wouldn’t have to step out into the torrential rain. Only one more errand to run before we would be home tasting that 8 hour roast. Dan dropped us off at Toys R Us just as the nickel sized hail started. Ella and I made a six-foot dash from the van to the front doors but Dan had to park and make a longer run. We waited inside the front doors for him before we ventured in search of birthday presents. We wandered around looking at merchandise for an hour before making our picks. Dan pulled the van up and Ella and I made another mad dash this time towards the van while the hail stopped the rain was as heavy as ever and I was relieved Dan agreed to drive even though it was technically my turn.

He veered onto the onramp and slowed down in time to see another white minivan on the shoulder with hazard lights on. We were going 15mph and the white van was backing up quite a long ways to whence he came to avoid the traffic jam we could see ahead. We both sighed and Dan said “I’m tempted to back up too.” I replied “Go ahead.” We didn’t we forged on and as we merged Dan regretted the decision aloud. I attempted to alleviate the pressure of getting home with “We don’t have any place to be in any hurry don’t sweat it.” I settled in listening to NPR and resigning myself to a 45 minute drive home instead of 25 min. We managed to get into the vaguely faster left lane and I was taking stock of the plates from other states on their way home after the holiday; MI, OH, IN, and WI. “There must be an accident” I said as traffic crawled “Nah, everyone’s trying to merge onto HWY 39 on their way home from the holiday” responded Dan.

The rain was coming down in sheets and the dark grey green clouds were passing us so low it seemed you could reach out the window and touch them. Wind was blowing the leaves and twigs horizontally and the van rocked. I was looking out the window studying the clouds for downward peaks and getting antsy when Dan asked if I saw anything, “Well, kind of…” I replied focusing on a giant downward plunge over the mall that seemed to simmer, bubble and then dissipate. He glanced over and said “Oh, its fiiiine” and the familiar high pitched siren came over the radio and Dan immediately turned it up. I knew “This is a test – this is only a test of the emergency broadcast system…” was not going to come on next so I shushed Ella and perked my ears. Funnel cloud spotted over Rockford Airport. That was perhap a mile and a half directly ahead of us. The radio announcer advised we take cover immediately. I got into the back seat with Ella and per Dan’s suggestion found every blanket, jacket and spare sweater to pile over our heads if need be. I considered unrolling the carpet we had just purchased but decided I would wait until the absolute last moment.

Dan drove on at a cautious pace passing cars, trucks, trailers and semis now pulled over on the shoulder. As we approached the HWY 39 onramp trucks pulled over and few cars attempted driving up the ramp. A veritable waterfall easily 8 inches deep was spilling down the on-ramp. Other cars were reversing in an attempt to get back on HWY 20 were the traffic had exploded from two lanes to six lanes with only the innermost trickle of cars actually moving-ish. The other five lanes were trying to wedge themselves underneath the underpass. It looked not only hazardous but downright idiotic, should the tornado descend on us it would turn to a mosh-pit of automobiles. We weaved in and out of stalled and parked cars and I looked ahead into the grey black rain.

We drove on by ourselves into the unknown. I could almost hear the people we had just left muttering “Look at that yahoo, doesn’t he know he’s driving into the tornado?!” The second underpass wasn’t much better as we squished through the stalled and parked traffic the siren screamed on the radio again the announcer urged us to take cover. I called our nearest friends Jeff and Tracy and yelled above the rain pelting down onto the van. “We’re driving on 20 and there’s a tornado, we’re coming to your house!” Jeff replied “ok” he seemed surprised. Only a half mile to Alpine and then a short jaunt to their place and we’d be safe. It was way better than taking our chances in a van full of windows sitting under the underpass. I braced myself to come face to face with large branches flying sideways and debris through the windshield and surveyed the earth around us identifying the lowest, closest driest spot to huddle in. The rain still came in a solid barrage, Ella hummed to herself.

Dan drove ahead white knuckled and we made it to the off ramp to find another waterfall pouring down the middle of the road this one perhaps only 6 inches deep. He didn’t hesitate and merged onto South Alpine finally heading north instead of west into the storm. A block further to Sandy Hollow and we stopped at the intersection/lake with water deep enough to cover the wheels of the sedan crossing in front of us. We stopped and watched the next car find the shallowest place. “Can we make it?” I asked Dan and when he responded with an earnest “I think the van is high enough” instead of a smart-alecky ‘we’re fiiiiine’. We waited for the green light and and I held my breath when we crossed in low gear.

Ella looked anxious when she asked for snacks, it was dinner time. Dan answered her with “Honey we’re going to Jeff and Tracy’s to play with baby Ethan before we go home, do you want to play with baby Ethan?” Ella said “No, I just wanna go home” me too I thought. Every intersection was flooded to the wheel wells and there were sirens everywhere. We watched people consumed with panic cut in front of emergency vehicles. We watched teenagers try to scream through puddles with their suped up matchbox cars, spoilers on their trunks doing nothing to keep their engines running. We witnessed a river of water gushing out of a drainage ditch emptying onto an intersection and a fire truck parked sideways to block off traffic.

My phone rang with Jeff on the other end asking if we were ok and if we were going to make it. I told him we were mere blocks away and we’d see him shortly. He was waiting at the door for us when we pulled into his driveway. The storm was finishing up as we chatted about our ordeal and calmed our nerves for the ride home. Ella munched gold fish and played with Ethan. The news informed us two funnel clouds had formed; the first over the book store we left and the second over the airport we would’ve passed on the way home.

Now that I am safe, my lament? - I didn’t bring my camera with me today.

Labor Day Flood 2006 Rockford IL

Video Here

also from: Storms Pummel the Stateline WIFR

"Here's a recap of the breaking news this evening. It's a major mess on the Rockford's eastside and in Cherry Valley due to the afternoon storms. People are stranded in their vehicles, and on top of their cars. Firemen are in boats in the midtown area. Area volunteer departments have been asked to bring their boats into the city to help. Here are just some of the streets involved--major problems on Sixth avenue, seventh street, 10th ave., 10th street, 8th avenue, 14th street, 20th street, Kinsey, Perryville, Sandy Hollow, Alpine*, Calvin Park, Rural, -significant flooding in the 18th to 20th street area along Charles. Scores of cars are stranded in flood waters 2-3 feet deep basement walls are collapsing. Power outages have hit more than 4,000 Com-Ed customers including many stores along Perryville Road."

*the intersection we crossed see story above

More Labor Day Flood Pics at Rockford Register Star

Sep 4, 2006


The bath water isn’t steaming hot, so I keep adding water every few minutes making fresh bubbles each time. Her feet float out away from her; she is completely relaxed and floats next to me. I drift thinking about a theory I heard in school about humans living and evolving in water, the Aquatic Ape theory. We do have nice plump buoyant skin like a manatee. My thoughts drift between mermaids, manatees and magic.

I imagine we are in the ocean floating at the surface Ella supported by me while she nurses. We are mermaids. We are mysterious and magical and wild, beholden to no one, we collect and wear pretty shiny pearls and shells and baubles because we like them not because we want to be liked. We are free and dangerous, we are safe and illusive. Our hair floats with the water in forty directions at once. We sing songs and then lean our faces low in the water to blow bubbles while breathing through our noses and giggling.

The suds are gone and the water is cool again. I add more hot and stir it around with my feet while Ella sings to herself. I think about the larynx and ability to control one’s breathing. We are the only land mammal to be able to do that. Though Ella is young and just learning language her ability to float and hold her breath is innate. She sometimes seems to breathe music, like a whale. The water is soothing; it eases my back while Ella plays. Its ionic charge is supposed to induce happiness. While I’m not sure of how that happens I am sure that our bath tub is the most magical place in the house.

Sep 1, 2006

What I did over the Summer (in 100 words)

The leaves started turning orange on the maple tree across the street and we shut the windows because it’s too cold at night. I’m very proud to say I made it to the beach and the pool several times this summer. I got a little bit of a tan, went boating, went to a few ball games, the zoo and I heard a lot of music in the park. This weekend we are going to cook out and hear some music at our local festival and paint our front doors. It was a very very very very very fun summer.