Mar 9, 2017

Feb 12, 2017

This dog

This dog has so much energy it's almost a shame to waste it on walks.  To calm her down I walk her about two miles every morning.  She's so smart she should have a job instead.  She could get on the bus at 9am and come home at 3:30, trotting off the bus and into the house for a late lunch and a nap.  She would've had a bus day herding sheep or running letters to various offices or jumping all over construction sites carrying tools and other supplies.

Jan 24, 2017

The Votes

Donald Trump received 62,979,879 total votes.  The total number of Americans registered to vote is 146,311,000.  That means only 43% of the people voted for him.  If you voted for Trump you are in the minority.  

Jan 9, 2017

This Ninth Day of January Two Thousand and Seventeen

This morning my teenage daughter got herself out of bed and fed and off to school on her own, while I gave my first grader a ride to his new school.  He finally got into Montessori (there's a wait list.) After I dropped him off, I went to my neighborhood library and started a mural for the toddler room.  It's a big elm tree and I used three ladders and three colors to get it going today.  It's magnificent and I may paint trees in my own home after this.  The new Montessori school gives the kids each a 'job' at school and today my son's job was to do dishes.  He loved school so much that when he came home he wanted to show me how he can help.  This day is one for the books.

Dec 31, 2016

The Last Day of 2016

I mostly liked 2016.  Yes, the election sucked, and some baby boomers I liked passed away, but on a personal level it was pretty good.  I taught watercolors all year and got a mind boggling amount of work done.  Jack learned to read words and Ella learned to read music.  Thomas published a rich and entertaining book by a writer we like this year and we have irons in the fire to work with more folks we enjoy.  I almost managed to paint a wall in the new house... I think I'm almost ready. Painting a wall is such a funny and dreaded commitment for me.

Nov 28, 2016

Busy Busy

Here's a thing I painted with watercolors.  I'm super happy with the way these eyes turned out looking so round and bubbly. I sketched this one before I painted it so it's a little less free form than usual.  I like the teal color next to that macaroni and cheese orange color.