Jun 7, 2006

No Spell Check Today

It might surprise you people to know I am an atrocious speller. I learned to read very young as a result of phonics and when I had to learn things like when to use a 'w' vs. when to use a 'wh' my brain some how made connections that cause me to misspell things all the time.

Here's the kicker - it's not the big words I misspell it's the little ones. Today I am typing this post without spell check. To prove to you I can spell the big words I will now attempt to spell the hardest words I know. Please stand back while I put my safety helmet on: hippopotamus, moustache, vacuum, millennium, and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. TAADAA!

Now I will attempt some smaller words:

wich which - both of those look right to me and now that I have looked at them this long, I can’t tell you wich/which is right.

tomorrow tommorow tommorrow tomarrow - I have no clue, lets just say Thursday and be done.

humorouse humorous - In fact anything ending in 'ous' or 'ouse' confuses me.

It's like being able to jump the Grand Canyon on roller skates but falling on your tush/toosch/tusch(???) while trying to maneuver the cracks in the sidewalk.


Go read Tater Tot's Thoughts today and give her some support.


Jenny said...

I need to get out more.

KTJ said...

did you catch my correction on your chalkboard? CEREAL?

Jenny said...

Yes, and I knew it was you from the added 'pie' and 'catfood'.

TaterTot said...

Don't worry Jen, we won't make fun of you when you tell us how you're loosing your mind.

(Pulled that one from the archives)


Jo said...

As a horrible speller myself, I feel your pain. Although unlike yourself, the big and small words elude me. I possess a large vocabulary which is underused in chat rooms and IM's where I can't use spell check quickly. Generally I can tell when I have spelled a word incorrectly, but then I couldn't tell you why it looks wrong. Happy Garage sales to you!

Elizabeth said...

I almost never use spell check but there are a few words that never look right to me. They are seperate/separate. I think the second one is right but I would need spell check to know for sure.

Abdur Rahim said...

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