Jun 23, 2006

Ode to 346 Calories

Six crackers brown and crumbly,
Lie there very humbly.
Three marshmallows fluffy white,
Chewy sticky round and light.
Six chocolate squares,
Lined up in pairs.
Alone quite inconspicuous,
Together simply delicious.
Gooey yummy,
Sticky crumbly,
Tastes that I adore,
Makes me want s’more.


TaterTot said...

I believe it was your gourmet husband who made s'mores using Peeps that night Sean serenaded us on the donkey and you and I performed an interpretive dance with colorful tubes...

...man...we sound like a lot of fun...don't we?

Jo said...

Oh yum, I want some! And that poem? I am quite impressed.

Nancy said...

Oh, I LOVE s'mores. Obviously Ella does too. :-)

Jenny said...

TaterTot, we are fun just add a little booze and alot of sugar. We're like creme brule that way.


Thanks Jo, it came to me late last night after everyone was in bed and I was toasting marshmallows on a bamboo shish kabob skewer over my stove.


Nancy, She loves them almost as much as I do.

loelsh said...


HolyMama! said...

346, really? so worth it!

Surfing Free said...

ooooh, so these are the famous American s'mores?! I see they have quite a following!! They must be extremely yummy :D

Jenny said...

Oh Surfing Free! Here's how it goes. You put chunks of Hershey bar in between two crackers like a sandwich held together by a toasted gooey marshmallow either browned at the campfire on a stick or over the stove on a long fork.

When you come and visit , it'll be the first thing I cook for you!

Surfing Free said...

Yippeee!! When I come to visit we have a very busy schedule ;)
Those s'mores sound divine!