Jun 27, 2006

Short Calves, Slide Whistles & Activism

Raising WEG Posted a wonderful rant about little girls clothing called “I damn well blame the patriarchy, too”. In it she echoes my frustration with finding appropriate shoes for my very active healthy child who just happens to have two X chromosomes which doesn’t automatically mean we have to put her in tiny heels so her little Calf muscles and Achilles tendons shorten enough to walk comfortably in those Jimmy Choos when she's of breeding age. WEG even points out how flimsy little pink t-shirts are compared to rugged little blue t-shirts perpetuating the need to constantly buy more clothing for girls; “Imagine what might happen, if my daughters' Target t-shirts had held up to more than a season's worth of washings. Their drawers might be filled with two-year old t-shirts, as their brother's are -- and we certainly can't have that.” And don’t think that the implication of sun damage for our daughters goes unnoticed. It’s well written and exactly how I feel, so just go read it already.


Surfing Free posted a most hilarious piece entitled “Discoveries” that reminded me of the time we lived on Sherman Avenue and my brother and I were playing in the bathroom and found these really cool slide whistles under the sink. You just had to get the wrapper off and the stuffing out and then you could put the slide part back and to our delight there was a whole box of those pink whistles. We must’ve assembled 10 of them before my mom discovered what we were doing and got really mad. Ever after I always looked under the bathroom vanity to see if another box of whistles would appear.


Gen-Xers don't write songs of protest, we make movies...

America Freedom to Fascism

Road to Guantanamo

The War Tapes

Who Killed the Electric Car

Thank You For Smoking


Surfing Free said...

*Blush* thanks for linking to me :) Hee hee .. who thought tampons would be such a universal theme!

I absolutely agree about shoes for girls. I HATE any sort of heels on them. And I hate that they have to be pink, sparkly, and/or have Barbie on them!!

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