Jun 26, 2006

Rock Star Weekend

I had a pretty overwhelmingly great weekend starting with a rock star. Way back in the 90s when I was creating art for a living my most favorite and famous patron was Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick. Bun E. is just a truly nice guy and he would always play drums for me when I can to drop off or pick work. He rarely asked for anything specific and so I had free reign of my paint and ya gotta love that. Gradually over the years I quit painting for a living and hanging out with musicians and artists, moved away and took a life that was more pedestrian, one in which people said “My, what a beautiful cake” instead of “Wow that’s a bad ass tattoo design”.

Before our big Memorial Day party this year, I cleaned house in a way that hasn’t been since we moved in and guess what I found… a lone drum head waiting for paint, given to me by Bun E. 7 years ago. In 7 years he moved and so had I and he’s not exactly listed in the phone book, I had no way to call him. So what else could I do but paint it and return it to him at a public appearance. The new album is called “Rockford”, so I put a
Rockford (Nelson Knitting) Sock Monkey on it and waited. Friday night Bun E. did a drum workshop at Guzzardo's Music Store.

We went and brought the drum head. The place was hot and packed with kids and enterprising drummers. Ella loved it; she wanted to play the bongos so bad during the workshop. We stood off to the side until afterwards and then we talked to Bun E. for a bit, gave him the drum head and left. Kind of anti climactic, I know. Hopefully he liked it, hopefully it’s a size that makes it usable this tour and hopefully you will spot it out and about this year. So if you see Cheap Trick this summer and you see the sock monkey drum, drop me a line and let me know.

What else this weekend? Boat rides, eating out, casinos, friends, family it was all great.

One of my drums on tour found through Google at Gingrich Photography


Jo said...

Wow! The things you learn about people. I had no idea we had a famous artist in our midst. I admire people who can paint and draw because I can't, at all. Hopefully you will see your drum on tour soon.

Jenny said...

I hope so too.

I am going to create something today worth posting on the blog. Some art for you people. Because I've been talking about it and now it is time to show you what I can do.

Surfing Free said...

That drum looks wonderful!!!
This right here is what I love about Blogging - everyone has such interesting stories to tell, that are drawn out slowly like precious jewels :) I'm sure you have a LOT more interesting stuff coming in your future as well.

Surfing Free said...

Yes, would love to see more of your art.