Jun 5, 2006

Snippets from the weekend

Judo Boy: I drew her and me, see?
Me: Yes, I see you drew her eyelashes
Judo Boy: Yes, she loves me so much they are on fire.

(Later) Me to Dan: I love you so much my eyelashes are on fire.


Dan: No comments from the peanut gallery?
Me: Like what?
Dan: Nice drivin’… Gross …. Something
Me: Oh honey, the way you avoid dead raccoons in the road is so impressive it makes me more attracted to you than ever before


Ella: That’s my giraffe, he talks to me
Me: What does he say?
Ella: Give Ella a cookie


Bad News Hughes Link to post that made me laugh so hard I drooled. (Rated NC-17, but all text so feel free to read in front of the kids as long as they aren't reading over your shoulder)


TaterTot said...

I need to post my Best Weekend Ever, but my damn camera is giving me grief this morning and it just wouldn't be the same without pictures.

Was that Doody's card that Judo Boy was referring to? It's so cute, how much he adores her (the older woman).

Jenny said...

Yeah, and I think that phrase is going to stay around our house for a long time - it implies so much.

punkymom said...

Hello this blog is totally adorable!Judo Boy?! I'm having seperation anxiety today, Poohey pooped on the potty yesterday & ate her cereal virtually mess free with milk and a big spoon!So we are going to get a kitty or doggie book today. Anyone up for Magic Waters on Tue? Nick's Funky crystal shoes are in the store in NY I'm hoping to have them by Father's day.

Jenny said...

Hooray for Poohey!

Jenny said...

What's the temp going to be on Tues.?

Mrs. Ca said...

Can I borrow Ella's Giraffe? I'd like him to tell my husband to bring me ice cream. :)

Java Junkie said...

I LOVE that phrase. Tell Judoboy that he just started a phrase craze! :)

Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

Poor Anatol...

I've heard folks say that 'book smarts' is not the same thing as 'common sense'. I wasn't sure I understood it, until now!

Jenny said...

re: Poor Anatol...

yeah, he still gets the girl in the end though.