Jun 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Dan

Birthday Wishes for my Best Friend

I wish that you have a very busy morning where everything goes your way and the day just flies by
I wish that the lady who rings your lunch up will accidentally only charge you $1.50.
I wish you have some errands to run in the afternoon
I wish that you get the company car with the air conditioning
I wish you have a great idea while out driving solving a long thought about problem
I wish all your favorite songs to be on the radio
I wish someone will tell you a joke that will make you laugh until your sides hurt
I wish your meeting after work will be so productive you won’t have to think about it for the rest of the week
I wish for the house to be nice and cool when you get home tonight
I wish everything you bid on at e-bay will sell for starting bid - to you

I wish for something unexpected and wonderful to happen
I wish your next year on this planet to be twice as wonderful as this last year has been

I love you


TaterTot said...

I wish you win lots of money on Saturday.

I wish you to enjoy a Jack & Coke and dance in your skull t-shirt.

I wish your daughter gives you many hugs and kisses.

I wish your wife gives you...well you know.

I wish my friend a very happy birthday.

punkymom said...

Ya me tooo! Especially the skull shirt & kid love. Today is also my sitter's birthday she turns 16! We are going to Habenero's for dinner at 530 join us if you wish.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the invite - alas Dan has meetings this evening. We'll probably celebrate tomorrow night.

la agua fresca said...

happy birthday, friend...