Jan 12, 2008

Three Doctors

I went and had cavities filled today and my face is still numb. I feel like the rest of the day is on hold until I can keep myself from drooling, or even feel that their might be spit in the corner of my mouth.

In dog news, our dog visited the vet again this morning. Overnight her whole right eye went milky. She woke up wagging and hopping all over as usual but we were worried and $200.00 worth of diagnosis told us that when we switched her to dog food to one that is is low protein and high fat (because of her liver) it causes her to have high cholesterol and a little eye infection/scratch can turn out milky like that. It'll go away on it's own.

In roller derby news, Subpoena Envy our most blocker extraordinaire fell and hurt her ankle. Annsanity whisked her away to the emergency room where Envy’s fears were confirmed, she broke her leg right above her ankle, in TWO places. Luckily the Dr. said they were both clean. Apparently if you’re going to break your leg, this is the place to do it. They put her in a boot, gave her some crutches and meds. It should heal nicely but she must wear the boot 4- 6 weeks. If you want to send her some well wishes you can drop her a line at her myspace page http://www.myspace.com/subpoenaenvy

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