Jan 8, 2008

Warm Part II

Ella and I were in the bathroom, she was soaking in the tub when the first clap of thunder made her dunk low in the water and whine "I'm scaaaaarrred". The dog came to lay at my feet and I wondered if I had ever heard thunder in January before. If I had, I couldn't remember. The sky darkened and I flipped on the bathroom light despite it being the middle of the afternoon. More thunder persuaded Ella to end her soak early. 30 miles East and already far past us a tornado was ripping through the countryside.

Rare Jan. twister blasts Boone homes, orchard


cameo said...

i was just checking to see if you guys made it through okay. watching the news and it sent me this way.
last night i was thinking the exact same thing when i heard the thunder.
don't know what to make of it all.regardless, it stinks for us all.

Jo said...

Yikes! That is just scary. I was in Cali visiting, i.e. catching a baby, when the big one hit Salt Lake City a few years ago, so I missed all the fun. Glad you are okay!

jennie said...

thanks for sharing our rrstar coverage.

Jenny said...

This new feature ROCKS! I love embedded vids. Thanks RRSTAR!