Jan 21, 2008

Fox in Sock

(Thanks for asking Jo)

Dan gave me a gift certificate to the greatest place in the world on Christmas... SockDreams.com Tuesday while Ella was at school, I finally sat down in front of my computer and spent it. My socks came in the mail Thursday and I love them! Think thigh high's knitted in every wonderful color you can think of... I ordered an incredibly cozy warm knitted merlot over the knees, also in off white and eggplant as wells as a pair of coco colored socks that go all the way up the entire leg.

Let me be clear in my hate for panty hose when I say feeling like a Dr. Seuss character with your saggy crotch half way down your leg is the almost as bad as not being able to yank at your saggy nylons because you are at a function that warrants nylons. Let me also be clear in that thigh high stockings that come in the little egg are of no use to anyone living in Northern IL in the winter. You might as well just walk outside with bare legs.

Today I am sporting long knitted coco socks under a nice jean skirt at the top and warm brown boots and the bottom. I don't care turn me into the "Don't" list for making my own legs look short,
Stacy and Clinton can give me $5,000 to buy a new wardrobe if they don't like it. I am warm and cozy!


Jo said...

I think you look nice and toasty! I don't have anything to say on the fashion thing, I think you look nice, but Princess is CONSTANTLY reminding me that I am fashionably retarded and that my opinion does NOT count.

Jenny said...

My fashion sense really revolves around what is warm these days. 10 years ago you couldn't have caught me dead in snow pants much less a snow hat - today both are regular staples.

arizona said...

Ah yes, style giving way to being practical and comfortable, so now with age comes wisdom. See how you start dressing in another ten years Jenny. :-)