Jan 22, 2008


Ella: Mom! Tell the dog to stop smelling my scrambled eggs!

Me: Wednesday, go lay down.

Dog: Moves back from Ella’s plate on the coffee table precisely 6 inches

Ella: MOM! She’s looking at my eggs!

Me: Wednesday! Go lay down.

Dog: Backs up another six inches.

Ella: MooooOOoooOooooooOoOoooOoM! Tell her to stop looking at me!

Me: Oh My God! If you two don’t stop it I’m going to loose my mind!


Jo said...

I know, instead, have another kid, that will fix things. Ella will so distracted, she won't have time to bother with the dog. In a couple of years it will be the two kids screaming at each other, "mom, she is looking at me!"

cameo said...

mmooooooommmm, he's THINKING about me!