Jan 13, 2008

The Big Talk

No, I don’t mean that talk, that one’s easy, I mean GOD. So let me set this up for you, my parents were raised Catholic and somewhere in the 70s went spiritualists, Dan family was raised Baptists and Episcopalian and somewhere in the 70s went bowling resulting in nobody under our entire roof currently being baptized or indoctrinated. I believe in guardian angels that keep you from making it to the intersection at the wrong time and Dan believes in Angels with titles, jobs and command posts like Gabriel and Michael and if you happen to meet an Angel it’s because he’s about to warn you that your city will experience some light brimstone showers followed by heavy fire and pestilence and perhaps you should have more than an umbrella with you.

So we’ve discussed what we would tell Ella but not in much detail and we’re pretty sure we agree, but not quite sure what it is exactly we agree on. Aunt Nola this Christmas, just like last, gave Ella a Veggie Tales movie. For the most part they are cute, void of any nailings or famine and pretty funny. I mean who can argue with Lord of the Beans’ basic message that everyone has an important job to do. So yesterday when Ella was telling me about the new Veggie Tales movie she informed me that God is pretend, he’s that character in the movies, I knew I had to say something profound, it started poorly:

Me: Oh honey God is for real

Ella: No he’s not he’s pretend like Bob and Larry*.

*Veggie Tales Characters

Me: Sweetie, God is very famous and so sometimes people pretend to be God in the movies, but God is really real.

Ella: MooooOOoom! God is pretend.

Me: No he’s not

Ella: Yes, he is

Me: No he’s not

Ella: Yes, he IS!

Somehow I managed to elevate the conversation back up to a very detailed story telling about heaven and souls and God and then I answered some heaven questions involving cotton candy, multi-colored kittens and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa and jumpy castles. This meandered around to some biology, concluding my very squirmy conversation with Ella.

Ella: Your soul is in your bones next to your marrow right?

Me: Your soul is everywhere in your body

Ella: Yes, it’s in your belly, and your eyes and it’s in your bones and your blood.

Me: Yes, and when you die you leave all of your body here and just take your soul with you.

Ella: Ok, can we play Hungry Hippo?

Me: Yes.


12 films in which supreme actors take on the Supreme Being.

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