Jan 14, 2008

Mickey Who? Where's Cinderella!

So it looks like we’re going to plan a trip to Disney World. I understand a fair amount of planning must take place. We have to reserve a spot at Cinderella’s dinner or breakfast or something and there are shows we should see and places we should be and coupons we must have. So I am appealing to you all – who has been there? What do you recommend? What must we see? And how can we do this without having to take out a mortgage for a three day visit?

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Paula said...

If you stay on the property, you can get into the parks an hour earlier than the general public,so you can make your reservation for lunch at Cinderella's castle.

Last time, I was there stayed at the Dixie Landings (no longer there) but my sister stayed at the All-Star Resort ( least expensive). Got a pass from AAA and used park transportation so did not have to pay for parking each day.

Go to Discount on Disney Tickets, sometimes on Craigs List and other search engines you can get discounts if you are booking within 60 days.

Also, if you go to Disney.com you can get a "FREE" DVD to see what you want to look at even if you don't book right through Disney.

Stephen loved the Animal Kingdom, it was being built last time I went.