Jan 3, 2008

It's Really Free... Yes, Really.

I have some items that are perfectly fine but I don't want them in my home any longer. For instance we have this old organ that we inherited with the house, that is just taking up space. Many people have said they'd like to have it but no body every actually comes to get it. I read about this thing called Freecycling and signed up for my local group and have been reading the exchanges for a few days and I'm sold... er ah I'm willing, since there is no money exchanged, in fact there is no exchange beyond "here ya go" and "thanks". So next week I'm listing the organ, if you'd rather have it let me know before next week and come and get it. It's from the 50s, mostly works and has a little water damage on the bottom of one side. Otherwise it'll be the first of many things I list on Freecycle.

"Freecycle IS about keeping things out of the landfill.
It IS about giving away something that has no use in our lifeanymore to someone who could extend its usefulness a little longer.
It IS about giving gifts to people while clearing out our own clutter.
It IS about community.

When you post an offer, you are offering to give someone a gift."

Like Christmas every day only nobody cares that you are re-gifting.

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