Jan 29, 2008

A Pinch

There's a photography book out there I'd like to have called Photobooth.

I love these they are like a little mini story that you write in your own head.

What do you think is happening here?


Jo said...

1.Look at us, all normal and happy.
2.OMG, I can't believe you just touched me there!
3.She likes it!
4. I didn't tell you could stop.

Sorry Bombadee dear, I couldn't help myself! And from a nice Mormon no less. Shhh! Don't tell anyone about it!

Jenny said...

I wonder if this is effective as doing one of those rorschach tests? LOL!

arizona said...

1. (Him)"Lets just move her hand down here for a while."

2. (Her)"Oh my Gawd I can't believe he put my hand down there!"

3. (Her)"Okay let's see how he likes it when I do this!"

4. (Her) "Hmmmmm that was really fast! I hope he has another dollar for the photo booth, cause now it's my turn."