Jan 7, 2008


It's unseasonably warm today for the second day and it's wreaking havoc with my heart. I yearn for flip flops and sand boxes and the smell of green grass in the air is wonderful yet tragically short lived. I wonder why I can't just enjoy the moment... after all, doesn't winter always come back? Don't the dishes always get dirty again? Don't the Repulicans always make it back into office?


Jo said...

But not in 2008, oh please, give America a break!

cameo said...

damn! what a way to kill my buzz.
actually, i'm not buzzing, but i'm with jo - please dear jesus NO!!!
no more.
and, by the way, you forgot the laundry!

Jenny said...

Oh yes, the never ending laundry - bleah. Apparently the buzz kill yesterday was actually the tornado that ripped through Boone County. See next day's post.