Jan 4, 2008

The Mighty Pen & Paper

States question electronic vote machines
By GEORGE MERRITT, Associated Press Writer

"...The swing states of California, Ohio and Florida have found that security on touch-screen voting machines is inadequate. Testers have been able to disable the systems and even change vote totals...

...But in tests, researchers in Ohio and Colorado found that electronic voting systems could be corrupted with magnets or with Treos and other similar handheld devices.

In Colorado, two kinds of Sequoia Voting Systems electronic voting machines used in Denver and three other counties were decertified because of security weaknesses, including a lack of password protection. Equipment made by Election Systems and Software had programming errors. And optical scanning machines, made by Hart InterCivic, had an error rate of one out of every 100 votes during tests by the state."


cameo said...

so you think they're gonna get the whole thing situated come november?

i'm wondering if we should just all stay home that day.

personally, i'm voting for roxy. why the hell not?

Java Junkie said...

Hi there! LTNS. Since I live in Ohio I couldn't help but comment that I can't believe this is just coming out now. I knew this stuff (at least about our own state's machine's, and I suspected it of others) was far to easy to corrupt and way too insecure to trust the leadership of our country to be decided by.