Jan 15, 2008


Pick Your 2008 Candidate For President

88% Bill Richardson
87% Barack Obama
85% John Edwards
84% Chris Dodd
83% Hillary Clinton
81% Mike Gravel
80% Joe Biden
77% Dennis Kucinich
41% Rudy Giuliani
39% John McCain
30% Ron Paul
30% Mike Huckabee
29% Mitt Romney
26% Tom Tancredo
19% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


arizona said...

John Edwards...........78%
Bill Richardson........78%
Barack Obama...........77%

I remember my politics in the 60's when I was a radical left wing liberal Democrat. Today I'm not a radical Democrat, but I am a very passionate Independent who still leans heavily to the left. As we age, and our lives change, so do our politics. I still don't trust our government and I long for a strong 3rd party system. I believe in a strong socialist society not unlike some European countries, and also in my belief that the purest form of government is true Communism, but that will never happen because true Communism is a utopia.

cameo said...

oh so funny! i JUST sent you something similar to this!! funny thing is, i got different results from the one i sent you. i'm still all blue at the top and all red at the bottom, but there's a different person in the top spot. actually, the whole order is different.
ron paul is in my last spot, which makes me a little scared because i see all these people here with his signs in their yard, and his stickers on their car. either, they know something i don't, or i'm surrounded by stupid people.
regardless, i'm interested to know how things panned out for you with the one i sent.