Jan 2, 2009

Les Nessman's Toy Room

We have kind of a studio space going on here at our house and Ella's play room only has a few waist high book shelve to define the space. This week she has decided there are invisible walls and she get's very upset when you don't use imaginary the door. The best part is when she walks through the door it makes a squeak and slam noise. Next week I'll get her some colored tape to put on the floor.


cameo said...

your daughter rocks!

Jo said...

I adore imaginative children. Be sure and ring the doorbell sometime for her.

Mike Lyons said...

Why would you get her colored tape? You're killing the child's imagination. ;)

What you have to do is "knock" on the air while stomping your foot to make the appropriate sound effect. Yeah, yeah! Do that!

Jenny said...

I'm going to try and catch her on video walking through the door - it's soo funny.