Dec 30, 2008

Dear Sandwich Eater,

What is it that makes you take bites out of the same place in the sandwich over and over until the jelly filled bread reaches your cheeks and then fans out until it threatens to fill your ears with sticky? This makes you smell like jelly all day. If we lived in the rain forest you would have bugs stuck to your cheeks like a sweet little fly strip. This is why I have to catch you and wash your cheeks with a warm rag, I can't stand the thought of random germ filled animals stuck to your face.


Jo said...

That last sentence made me giggle. Nope, me either.

Mike Lyons said...

Is your child like mine? She's keenly aware of even the smallest amount of foreign object stuck to her hands but completely oblivious to whatever might be smeared all over her face. So bizarre.

Jenny said...

Yes! She does do that.