Dec 20, 2008

The Toys Shop is in Full Production Today.

My dear child asked Santa for an Aerial the Mermaid Dress and Mr. & Mrs. Claus figured they'd run out to Target last week and pick one up. Next to the forty two hundred other princess frocks at Target was an empty space where the mermaid dresses used to hang. Mr. & Mrs. Claus then went to K-Mart, the other Target, and Toys R Us, they called two costume shops to no avail and finally when all other ideas were exhausted they decided to visit the devil and ask him for a mermaid costume, but Walmart didn't have one either. Finally in sheer desperation Mrs. Claus went to JoAnne Fabric and bought green sparkly sequined mermaid tail fabric, some seaweed type material and gobs of purple felt. She will be sewing her ass off today when Dan and Ella go shopping together and hopefully see a movie and perhaps pick up dinner. Mrs. Claus is going to need a good four hours to pull this thing together and afterward she would like a brandy spiked egg nog and a neck rub.


Jo said...

Uh oh! I think Christmas is way easier when they ask for 20 things, than the whole 2 or 3 things, that you KNOW you will have to make happen. Good luck! I would like a pic of the finished product please.

Jenny said...

Thanks, it was pretty easy going, I just kept the egg nog & brandy flowing and Mrs. Claus sewed all afternoon ;)

I'll post pics of kiddo in her new mermaid suit on Christmas.