Dec 9, 2008

Open Letter to Rod Blagojavich

Mr. Blagojavich,

I am pissed. You have no idea how many times I have personally defended you and fought with my family and friends over how you do things. I stood up for you and it turns out you are a shyster in the worst way. You are the reason politicians even the honest ones who work their tails off are regarded as unscrupulous. I believed in you, how dare you put a (D) behind your name. That means you are supposed to stand up for the unfortunate. Really? - withholding funding for Wrigley Field and a Children's Hospital? You should know better than to mess with Cubs fans and I'm pretty sure God was pissed about the second one. How low can you get?... oh wait I guess you could put the Senate seat left open by our President elect up for sale. UG.

A Loyal & Disappointed Democrat in IL


Anonymous said...

You know what has surprised me more than anything else today?

That people are still somehow surprised by him.

To quote my friend V4M from way back: "It's like Blago woke up one morning and decided he wanted to be the most corrupt mother*ucker ever. It's proof that if you work hard enough, dreams can come true."

Jenny said...

I'm still so mad about it. I have had countless arguments defending him.

I just thought anyone in that position wouldn't be soo stupid as to toss it all when they were in such a good spot to begin with. I mean Gov. what more can you want?!

I guess Greed can make weak people do really stupid things.


cameo said...

i was wondering what you thought about all this.
i'm still slightly unclear as to all that's going on.
and i have to admit, part of me is hoping it's all a grave mis-understanding and he was just joking.
time will tell.
it sucks to be let down, though.

Debbie said...

The day before this story broke, he was on the news standing up with those factory workers staging a sit-in and I was cheering him on.

I've identified myself as a Democrat for years, but I'm starting to think we really need a new party to address US issues. These days, the Democrats and Republicans are getting harder and harder to tell apart!