Dec 8, 2008

The Year End List

Every where you look you can see the Listiest Lists of 2008 and so here's mine:

10. Zac Efron - I don't know why, I just can't get away from him and so here he is.

9. Twitter - moving closer towards the hive mind every day.

8. NYSE - the best reason to be glad I have no extra money.

7. Roller Derby - because "If the good lord had intended us to walk, he wouldn't have invented roller skates." - W. Wonka.

6. Television Commercials - RIP.

5. Lead & Phthalates - two reason not to buy more crappy toys.

4. Ira Glass - just so I can say that I love him again on my blog.

3. Pink - the color of Pepto Bismo and everything my daughter wants and loves.

2. Obama - The reason SNL was ever worth watching again.

1. The Gulf of Mexico -


Jo said...

Are you there right now? Or just wishing you were?

Jenny said...

Just looking back on our trip from Sept. sigh.