Dec 11, 2008

Dear Santa, I Like Christmas but I'm Really Bad at the Presents Part

I went to four stores and in total purchased two things. I fail as a shopper. I just can't get excited about the giant universal remote larger than your head and nose/ear hair clippers with the car dashboard adapter (and who wants to clip their nose hairs with something that's just been in their ear and vice versa, and in the car!) I have some ideas of what I'm looking for now and also have the sneaking feeling I may need to get ordering on the internet to actually find it all.

I'm not even sure what I want for Christmas, perhaps a winning sold out roller derby season and a closet. The first is self explanatory and the second well, as I think I may have said before, we live in a old place and there are very few closets. We own wardrobes and dressers but oh how I yearn for one more place to put my stuff and a door to shut it on. When people come over, often times my sewing machine is right there and my roller skates are right there and the birthday wrapping paper, scissors and tape right there. Everything we own is out all the time ready for you to look at right now. It presents a particular problem when children come over and I have to answer "What's this?" five kabillion times... "It's a lint shaver.... That? it's an egg timer.... oh that, it's a box of dice... it's my flash drive." all the while I'm wishing I had a place to put them so that the child wasn't touching it and I wasn't explaining what it is and why they can't play pirates with it.

It's not that we're cluttered (well, actually we are) but I'm going to maintain we would put these things away if we had a place to put them. Perhaps this is what has me hesitant to buy anything new for Christmas. I mean really where will we put another Thing? We been just fine without another Thing. Maybe Santa could just bring me Niecy Nash. She and her cohorts can come over and be appalled at my hot mess and tell me to put at least 15 pairs of black shoes in a garage sale and pare the toys and books down by half and then send us to the
Clocktower while they save my space. Yes, that sounds good.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for my skatey ladies to kick some butt this season and Niecy Nash to come over my house and be soo appalled she wants to clean it.

Also, I've been very good.


PS The usual wishes still apply, good health, world peace,
million dollars etc...


Jessi Louise said...

The house we just moved into has only two closets (it's also old). I feel your pain. I think the garage will turn out to be our extra storage space.

Debbie said...

My house is getting closer to organized now that I finally have bookshelves. But now that Bill has to wear suits to work, he actually needs his fair share of the closet space. I've been donating bags upon bags of clothes to Goodwill just to make room. And I still have nothing to wear (except a wide variety of warm, stripey derby socks, of course).

Jenny said...

Sounds like my dresser... filled with crazy socks, but only two pairs of pants that fit.

Jimmy said...

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