Jan 5, 2009


The Merma-Pegacorn that lives at our house is turning five today. We are having cupcakes at school today and cake tonight with presents from Mom and Dad. On Saturday she and her pals will go to the local gym and jump on trampolines and roll around on gym mats and jump off of big foamy things into other big foamy things, followed by more frosting and presents. And now I'll tell you five amazing things about my five year old.

She can read, add and subtract.

She has a twinkly laugh that makes people look her direction and smile.

She's very caring and always sticks up for the underdog.

She can remember the words to a song after hearing it only one or two times.

She loves to imagine the most entertaining elaborate things.

Princess Merma-Pegacorn turns 5


Chrissy said...

happy birthday, ella!

arizona said...

Happy 5th Birthday to little Miss Ella Merma-Pegacorn. It has been a pleasure watching her grow through her Mommies blog.

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Princess Merma Pegacorn! In all the world you would be hard pressed to find anyone as beautiful, smart or as loving as she. Your mama is one lucky lady! Watch out Mama, the next five years go bye even faster!

DD Hunter said...

She already looks so grown up. Happy Birthday Ella.