Jan 8, 2009

Bombadee's Trading Club

So FORD actually belongs to a different company and because I didn't look closely I fake bought the wrong thing and sold it today for a .07cent loss and fake bought the actual Ford stock F for even lower than the other day, I came out ahead. It's $2.58 and on the 6th it was $2.79 so I saved .21c - my .07c mistake I still come out .14c ahead. Otherwise Sears is up, Tequilla is up (thanks Mike) and Tupperwear is doing alright too, I'm thinking of adding a McDonalds but I have to research it today and I may have to reconcile my feelings about junk food with my desire to make fake money.


Mike Lyons said...

Oh, jeez, don't buy McDonalds stock! Please? I would love McDonalds if they ever got my order right. As it is...HATE.

cameo said...

sears is supposedly REALLY REALLY good to their employees.
(if that effects your decision making any)

Jenny said...

I fake bought Sears before X-mas and it's actually down $3.00 but I'm keeping it anyway. ;)