Jan 17, 2009


I'm grinning already at the idea of gathering up all my gift certificates and Christmas money and ducking out of the house by myself in some comfortable tennies and pretending I'm on "What Not to Wear." Not so much because I need to spend $5,000 in a new wardrobe to better do dishes and play Candyland in, but because I have some odd misswiring in my shopping program that results in my loosing the primary objective. I tried to make the flow chart to exlpain but it got too confusing and all avenues ended up pointing at one large square reading "Wander around grumbling about not being able to find anything cool that fits correctly for less than a million dollars, stumble upon the clearance rack in the children's dept. containing the size Ella is growing into and discover everthing is only a dollar, fill my arms. Feel bad Ella got something and Dan didn't, go to the men's department and buy Dan five prefect shirts for $3.00 apeice and check out with a bag full of clothes. None of wich are bought for self." So, tonight I will shop for just me, or I'll ditch the whole thought and go to the next town over and watch some roller derby.


Jenny said...

Ha, I stayed home and stayed warm.

Jo said...

Sounds like me. Shopping with ADD.