Jan 12, 2009

Ella's 5th Birthday 2009

If only everyone had this reaction about cake... I'd make more of them.


cameo said...

happy birthday miss ella!!!
what a great video.
and i have to tell you i am totally adoring the wrapping paper on her presents.
please tell me it's not vintage and that i can get it somewhere.
i also have to tell you i am floored your daughter didn't eat that entire piece of cake even though she was full.
that's not the way things work in this house.
she is a beautiful little thing, you know!
we all enjoyed watching her!
happy, happy birthday ella!

Jo said...

LOVE this birthday video! All of it! Ella getting her groove on, cake making, birthday bouncing, gift unwrapping, it was exquisite! I can't believe she is 5! I have been reading your blog since she was a baby in a high chair, so 'splain to me how she got so big so quick, cause I am confused!
Happy Birthday, she is growing up beautiful, inside and out.

Mike Lyons said...

I would say that I would dance for a cake, but that would be a total lie. I doubt there's enough alcohol in the world...

Jenny said...

Cameo - The wrapping paper was new, from Farm and Fleet of all places... it's like Home Depot but with Farm things.

Jo - I keep trying to figure out a way to slow down the growing up. I've tried squishing her with gobs of hugs but it's just not working.

Mike - Perhaps nobody has ever offered to make you a Blue Clues Cake!