Jan 30, 2009

Such Carnage!

So sorry bloggies, I've been up to my ears in roller derby this week, between getting the 2009 schedule set and helping ladies find a name they like, it's been a labor of love... I may get an epidural next time. (I kid because I love.) The season is moving along quite smashingly and in the next week or so I should be able to post it or at least the first half of it. The team is filling out nicely, it became glaringly obvious last night during suicide drills* that I am not the fastest anymore. I gladly placed third just behind two stunning blonds who I am happy to call my skatey mates. I'm ok with that cause I know if I'd skated any harder I would've barfed a lung.

* Suicide drills involve sprinting from one end of the rink to the other with a full body baseball slide at each end, over and over until you feel that bludgeoning yourself about the head with your own helmet would be easier than doing one more sprint.

Me and my Homegirls - Januray 2009
Back: The Governor (from IL) - Ref, DD Hunter, Tally Turmoil, Ms. Quick, Hot Pepper, Anita Name, Tough Schmidt, Ziggy Stardust-ya, Damage Control - Ref.
Middle: Literate Her, C4, the Warrior, Violet Assault, Me, Lil' Loca
Front: Redneck B. Yotch


Mike Lyons said...

If I were involved in roller derby, I'd just change my last name to Hunt.

You didn't label who's single. Come on, you. (I know Bob Noxious says there's no rejection like a derby girl rejection, but I bet a derby widower's fist to the face is right up there.)

DD Hunter said...

OMG, I can not believe he said that

"If I were involved in roller derby, I'd just change my last name to Hunt."

Mike, you are too funny, next thing you know he'll be asking if we have Prince Albert in a can.

arizona said...

Name change???

No more Stateline Roller Derby Divas???

You are still Bombadee, right???

Mike Hunt....I like it! Has a nice sassy ring to it! ;-)

Jenny said...

We are still Stateline Roller Derby Divas and I am still Bombadee #00 but the new skaters can't very well go by Heather, Lisa and Dawn, it's not very menacing. And somehow I don't think they'll go by Mike Hunt either. But if we get a new announcer maybe that'll be his name! nudge nudge.

Mike Lyons said...

Maybe something a little more classy like Michael J. Hunt. The fans will figure it out, right?

Jenny said...

Well then there's always these last names as well:


Sorry to say the following Announcer names are already taken:
Mike Hawk - Duke City Derby, Mike Hunt - Lonestar Rollergirls, Mike Mann - Sydney Roller Derby League, Mike Oxlittle - Tucson Mens Derby/Dry Heat Derby, Mike Raphone - Arch Rival Roller Girls, Mike Snakeyes - LA Derby Dolls

A lot of roller derby leagues have cunning linguists.

(Sorry Mom)

Jo said...

Oh boy! It looks like you are going to have a great season!