Jan 16, 2009


Dear Happy Guy,

Seeing you get off that ferry boat and throw your hands in the air and cheer because you survived a plan crash absolutely made my day. I loved it so much I recorded it, made my husband watch it, told my derby mates about it on the way to practice last night, and posted it here in this blog. If I ever have enough luck to wag my butt in the face of death, I will remember your example and smile like mad.



cameo said...

i'm with you on this one.
that is one person who clearly sees a better picture - instead of focusing on what happened, he was focusing on what he was at that moment - alive and out of the water!
that is the man everyone needs to be interviewing!

Jenny said...

Yeah, I would love to hear his interview.

Jo said...

Remembering to cheer at the good stuff is a great life lesson.