Jan 3, 2009

Steal this Blog Entry

I sat up last night reading an entire website, this hardly ever happens. Steal this Wiki is trying to reinvent Abby Hoffman's book online so people can add to it their own tips and articles all in the name of subverting the conglomerate. Yes, there's some pretty weird stuff their at the end about overthrowing the man but if you're dropping out of the race you have to have a catalyst and suspecting your institutions of sinister intentions is as good as any. I am ever on a search for saving money (for real - not just giving up my Wii and my Latte) and I also like thrift shopping and harming the environment less and so I plowed through the first 6 chapters reading about a those city survival skills we'll never see Survivor Man put to use and then read on stunned through the last half of the book thinking about all the people who do put this information to use. I've decided this; if I ever have to live on the outside I'm going with rural living and farming instead of spaces between buildings and roadkill.


Mike Lyons said...

Those are some genius shoes.

I never quite understood why the homeless flock to the inner city instead of the farms where they could steal all the food they could eat (at least in the winter). I must be naive.

Mike Lyons said...

Err, summer, rather.

Note to self:
Proofread, idiot!

Jenny said...

Well I suppose it's easier to dumpster dive and hit the soup kitchen than it is to harvest and can. Plus if you are freezing to death in the country nobody will notice and call the police. You're on your own.