Jan 4, 2009

The Family that Games Together

We went and did Dan's extended family Christmas party yesterday which devolves into an impromptu poker party every time. I love it. We spent the first hour catching up, eating ham, cheesy potatoes and chocolates while looking at family photos and then next hour opening presents from the gift exchange and the last three hours playing Texas Hold 'Em with cousins we haven't seen in months. My only complaint is that Dan's uncle can tell what I've got in my hand all the time. He says things like "How ya like those tens?" and sure as shit that's what I have! It's a little unerving to try and pretend that's exactly what I don't have when he can call me out so compleatly. Despite his x-ray vision, I usually do pretty good. I can almost always make it to the final table and alot of times the final three but that's where it ends. I need to spend some time learning the patterns of betting so I can make him think I have a pair of tens when all I have is seven two. Then I can be the champion of the family Christas party and next I'll move on to the tournements at the Ramada and then World Poker Tour here I come!

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