Jan 11, 2009

16 Year Old Mystery Solved!

My mother in law gave me the best present in the world yesterday and doesn't even know it. She pulled out baby & kid pictures of my husband. In the 16 years we've been together he's claimed because he's the youngest his parents don't have any pictures of him and while I knew there were at least school pictures floating out there somewhere I could never uncover any evidence. The frustration compounded by five years of "She looks just like her Dad!" from every old coot in town that looked at Ella and remembered my husband big wheeling around town in his buster browns. I spent two hours riffling through through years of family photos, and hearing crazy stories, occasionally taking a photo of a photo and finally, I can give you the side by side comparison I wished for.

Here is me on the left about age 4, Ella in the middle age 4 and Dan on the right age 5 or so.


cameo said...

that's groovy

Jo said...

Sorry the inlaws win. I do think she looks like her daddy a great deal. What do you think?

Jenny said...

She looks just like him. She has my smile but only in a certain light - LOL!