Mar 3, 2006

You Make Me So Funny

We are in the tub and Ella gently wraps up her rubber ducky in a little pink wash rag. She gives it to me and says “Open it Mom, it’s a present.” I unwrap the little duck and I say “Oh my! How wonderful!” Ella informs me “It’s birsday cake, you have a bite”. I pretend to eat little bits of birsday cake and Ella leans her face right into mine and asks “Sizz it good?” I say, “It tastes like duck.” Ella replies “You make me so funny Mom.”

We are at the fancy department store with my Mom and we are trying on perfume (one of our favorite passtimes while shopping). Ella is climbing up into the big white bar stool/chair next to the lips sticks. She says "Gramma! I'm gonna be tall!"

We are sitting in my computer chair. Ella says "I'm gonna be a kangaroo!" I say "Ok honey, you be a kangaroo." I am fully expecting her to get down from my lap and hop around. Instead she climbs into my sweater with me.


Nancy said...

Awww. I love the Ella stories.

Jenny said...

This blog has kinda become her baby book.

owlhaven said...

Too cute!!!!


Jenny said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very Cute