Jun 1, 2009

Still Moving

I'm almost done packing. I'm down to deciding what I need to leave out so we can live for the next few weeks and what I can pack today. So that's good. I'm almost ready to start washing the inside of the house top to bottom and now I wish there were floor drains in every room so I could just hook up a hose and power wash the place in an afternoon. I think I'm going to venture up to see my Grand parents soon and then we wait. The big pack will be on the 13th and the morning of the 14th we drive.


Jo said...

Don't forget to pack chocolate for you for the trip. You guys are off on a new adventure. If you are passing through SD on your way, feel free to stop off at the Rez and say hi to us, we will be at a family reunion there.

arizona said...

Jenny, Dan and Ella, I'm wishing you all a safe move and the best of luck as you move to Texas. Out here in Arizona we consider Texas to be part of the old Southwest, so you will be living in my part of the country now. It was hard at first to leave family in Rockford and friends in Northern Illinois, but adjusting to living out here was fairly easy. I was hoping to stop by in Pec and say Hi when I came back in September but you'll be getting settled in by that time. If you guys ever get out Phoenix way, be sure to look me up. I hope you will still continue to blog, as yours is the only one I follow. Vaya con Dios mi amigos.