Jun 3, 2009

Indi Anna Jones

Feministing this morning posses the question "If you could sit in a story meeting with Pixar or Disney and pitch a feminist heroine for their next blockbuster film, what would you pitch?" and I've been thinking about this for some time. I don't have a good story to pitch but I do have a good idea about what I'd like to see. I really think it's as easy as flipping the genders when casting. For instance imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark with women in it, Indiana is a rugged smart strong woman and every man in the movie is now a woman, every fainting woman instead a meek guy needing to be saved, would it change the story that much? Probably not. And while I love a "feminist movie" to me it doesn't necessarily mean I need the story to be raging against the machine, it just means there needs to be women in it. I like a good escapism adventure story too. is Twelve Angry Women really that different from Twelve Angry Men? So my answer is this: cast women and girls in the lead and supporting roles of a blockbuster, tweak the story a little and that's what's going to work for me.

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