Jun 18, 2009

First Impressions

Shipley's Do-Nuts - yum.
Fire Ants - exterminator on the way.
My dog - good one.
Sushi - so fresh.
Constant breeze - lovely.
Sunshine - blinding.
Clothes - too many.
Furniture - all fits comfortably, but still to many boxes of computer cords and dishes.
Radio - one jazz station, one hipster rock station, one oldies station, one samba station, so far.
Freeways - like six story roller coasters winding through the concrete landscape.
GPS - saving my ass daily.
Produce - abundant, cheap and juicy.
The ocean - calling my name.
Downtown Houston - also calling my name.


Chrissy said...

sorry for going crazy with the houston posts, but i can't help it! it's one of my favorite cities and so close to nacogdoches.

be sure to eat falafel at nico nico's, which is by the museum district. so good. also, the museum of science has a butterfly observatory that ella would love! and the empire cafe is a great place for breakfast or lunch, with gorgeous outdoor seating.

Jo said...

Yummy donuts, bad ants! I LOVE the ocean, so I am wildly jealous.

Jenny said...

Thank you for the places to go. I said to Dan yesterday we could eat out every day for a year every meal and I bet we still wouldn't get to all the places I'd like to go. But your suggestions are going on the short list. I'm sure Ella will love the butterflies.

Jo - Yes, bad ants! Great donuts. You are welcome to visit any time.

Mike Lyons said...

* jealous *