Jun 24, 2009

Some Pics of Our Hovel

This is walking in the front hallway, a view of the kitchen and a little dining area.

Turning a corner to the living room

My trusty futon, what some of you may sleep on if you visit

The rest of the living room and the TV (see Mike no room for the Big Screen)

Looking back at the kitchen and entry way from the living room

What's left of my library. Yes we tried to cut it down to just two bookshelves and instead we have four - not too shabby

back to the dining room

Take a right into Ella's room (this is the cleanest it may ever be.)

It's pretty big

Her giant dress up box actually fits in her closet and then some (love having closets!)

Ok, I'm not taking pictures of our room yet as that's still a disaster and you don't need to necessarily see the bathrooms either (two) because they have swimmy suits and towels strewn all over them and I haven't found a place for all the elixirs and potions we need in ours but I can tell you they do have garden tubs so that is nice.

It's nice to have modern conveniences like a dishwasher and closets again. We've lived so long in a building built in 1887 with electric added in the 30s that I forgot what it's like to be able to plug in a hairdryer in the bathroom or use a blender on an actual counter top. I don't know who is more excited about closets me or Ella even though mine is jam packed with all the stuff we aren't even getting out of boxes right now (games, computers, tools, toys and antique dishes.) I was telling my pal Angela that I feel like Wilma Flinstone after she accidentally got drawn into a Jeston's episode.


Jaime said...

Felicia says, "I like it!!"

Vamp said...

I know it was a huge adjustment from the church but I think it looks great. Gotta love your own room & closets!!!

Jenny said...

Closets! You said it sister!