Jun 27, 2009


Ella and I went to the bank yesterday as Dan's company doesn't offer direct deposit and our theory on that is it's not needed, guys in construction like to cash their checks at the bar on Friday afternoon and this way their wives never know exactly how much they make. But I digress, I took the check to the bank yesterday and while there I asked the gal at the counter if there was a good taco place we could hit on the way to the grocery. Really I was wondering which one we should stop at, as there is a taqueria on every corner right next to the thousand sushi places. The gal at the counter said she didn't live in the neighborhood (and apparently never goes out for lunch either) so the lady at the next desk pointed me three blocks away to the Taco Bell.

I punched in "Fast Food" on the GPS and found Freebirds World Burrito and Ella and I went to fill ourselves before we hit the grocery. Ella was immediately impressed with the giant sculpture of Lady Liberty on a motorcycle crashing through the wall and thought the line sign said the wait would be 11 minutes, it wasn't it was more like 4.

I got up to the counter and like Subway told the burrito maker I'd like 3 tacos and when he inquired what I wanted on them, I replied "I've never been here before, make what you like. What's your favorite?" his eyes lit up and he made me three chicken tacos with rice, lime juice, cheese, salsa and guacamole. I tried to eat all three, I wanted to eat all three, it just wasn't going to fit. While we munched I noticed all the tinfoil sculptures on the walls. I wanted to make one but alas I hadn't ordered a burrito and didn't have the tinfoil. Ella had a cheese quesadilla and for the first time ever in the history of ever she ate the whole thing. We spent about $10.00.

Ella gives it one thumb up. I agree. Did I mention they have beer?


Later in the evening after it cooled we packed up and went to check out Challenger Seven Memorial Park and all I can review for you are the monkey bars and slides because that's all the further we made it. Ella met some very nice children and they played across the three play areas while Dan and I hung out at the picnic tables. Ella left exhausted, sweaty and happy and I think we'll go back. I'd like to see the board walk and the mother earth mound. I also found out yesterday (Dan gleefully informed me) and now you may feel free to hurl the word "DUH!" at me that Houston has alligators! And some of them are big. I keep trying to think of something in northern Illinois that might be equivalent and I've got nothing. It's not like a fox can grow big enough to eat your dog or a small child. So today I read up on alligator safety.

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