Jun 26, 2009

SAHM seeks SAHM kid age 5 - SE Houston

We went to the other pool (there are two here the further across the street where the apartments are more full) the night before last and there were kids and Ella swam with them even though one of them kept picking on her (She handled it.) Dan and I looked around the pool wondering about the neighbors on the other side of the road. The parents of the kids Ella played with were tattooed, highlighted, tanned and having beers, they seemed nice enough but looked to be about 24. We are pale old nerdy folks - just probably not a lot in common there. There was a group of guys at the grill, they were muscled, tanned, highlighted and poking keys into the bottom of beers and shotgunning them poolside racing to get drunk. Saturday night there will be a luau at the pool so people can meet their neighbors and though we'd like to make friends, I just don't think we're gonna go.

I did a search this morning for "Houston Moms" and found this website called Meetup. I quickly found some groups of mommies within 20 miles of me and then realized a lot of the groups say things like "WE ARE CLOSING TO NEW MEMBERS, AGAIN....PLEASE DO SIGN UP TO JOIN AND YOU WILL BE PUT ON THE WAIT LIST." or the kids are between 0-3 years old. I did find one I thought I might like but they ask for a picture in their application and the thought of being judged by my picture and an application creeps me out, I really just want a similar minded parent who has a kid Ella's age to be where we are, we don't need to be BFFs or even talk, we could just sit on our respective benches in the park and read our books or blog on the laptop.

Today we are leaving the cave to run errands and maybe hit the local park. Perhaps we'll find another distant nerdy chick with a kindergartner in tow. This will all be so much easier in the fall when Ella starts school and I start derby.

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