Jun 17, 2009

Live from Houston

We made it. It's really sunny and the apartment is beautiful. I'm on day three of unpacking and today I should be hanging art and later venturing out to the grocery store where everyone will know I'm from elsewhere because my legs glow in the dark. We ordered Chinese last night, the walnut shrimp was fresh and the crab puffs (crab rangoon) had actual hunks of fresh crab in it. I'm going to dip Ella in sunscreen and take her over to the pool today. Later, if I can find my camera cord I'll post some pictures.


Chrissy said...

welcome to texas! also, i am sorry that you moved here in late june, when the weather is a slap in the face. i promise, it will all be worth it in december!

Jenny said...

It's actually not much worse than the really hot and humid days in IL where the air just sits on you. At least here we're getting a steady ocean breeze. So far I love it all - even in late June (except for the fire ants.)