Apr 27, 2009

Divas vs Flyin' Squirrels

I'm alive. The bout went better than I expected. We lost 107 to 227 to the Flyin' Squirrels. I think I broke my finger in the first period about five minutes in, somebody fell and hit my hand on the way down and my ring finger bent backwards, it was pretty numb for most of the game and I tried to keep lots of ice cold things on it that night (beer) but the next day after a long hot soak in the tub it swelled up and turned purple. I'm not taking it to the doctor as it still bends and I don't plan on doing anything differently and today it's less swollen - so there.

Here's me blocking the jammer with my butt (woohoo!)

Skateymates from both teams sang happy birthday to me in front of a cake at the afterbout and then I tryied to take a bite out of the side of the cake and ended up with a faceful, frosting up my nose, behind my ears, in my hair - fun stuff. The bar was great, free jukebox all night, allthough I never did get it to play any Beastie Boys, there were probably 400 songs in cue. I won a free t-shirt from the bartender (yay free stuff!)

This is me getting focused right before my big scoring jam.

There are a ton more pictures here from Moosie who is an amazing sports photographer (and by a ton I mean like about a thousand) Thank you Moosie for all you do for us and the sport. XOXO!

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