Apr 30, 2009

Migrant Worker/ Small Business Owner/Broke Ass Hungry Chick Update

So the head hunters have started to call and interviews are set up which is great because yesterday was spent putting out resumes and the phone was eerily quiet - Yikes! So it was a relief to hear it ring this morning. Now I just hope the calls are coming from Northern IL and then I can exhale. The really big deal for us is this, we live in our dream house. It's an old church built in 1887 with 8" by 8" beams and limestone bricks four feet thick and it's a behemoth to take care of or even pay a heating bill in but the ceilings and the windows and the light is magnificent. And in the housing market I have no idea who would buy such a place. So even if we need to move two hours away I'm feeling a little sweaty about it.

Plus we've filled this place with stuff - lots and lots of it; paintings, toy soldiers, barbies, roller skates, couches (we have 4) and I don't know if we'd ever be able to find a house to hold all the stuff. Of course I've walked around and looked at all the stuff deciding what I'd take and what would go and surprisingly what I would take is pretty sparse. A lot of what's here is pretty specific to the house. If I had to start over in a new place with only what I couldn't part with, it'd be modern and small and functional not giant, ornate and fancy. Think Eams instead of Rococo it's easier to dust.

I am still working on my plan of word domination and it's looking quiet nice. I would share it but then you may beat me to building the Laser Beam of Debilitating Fun so I feel I must keep it to myself.


Mike Lyons said...

Well, we want you to stay, but if you move, don't worry about your chouse. Houch? I know a sucker who would buy it.

Jenny said...

I'd sell it on contract to the sucker you are thinking of.