Apr 11, 2009

Rock Collection

I sat up last night until 3 am listing to old rock music and wondering where the Led Zeppelin of the 2000s is.  The Van Halen of 2009? The RHCP of today? Why don't we have a super rock group that is so incredible everyone knows who they are?  I know I'm old and crabbity but even my grandma knows who the Stones are, so come on!  Is it because we have too many choices and they are all available all the time? Is it because the great music machine is churning out American Idol and more dance music than ever before? Is it because rock-n-roll is dead and given way to Akon and Fergie? Or have I just been missing something in a big way because I've had me head stuck in Veggie Tale Movies and Laurie Berkner videos for a half a decade? 

Dear ineternets - who is your modern rock supergroup? Got any? Coldplay anyone? Muse? Whatcha got? 

PS If you're trying to overcome some insomnia, you should NOT sit up and listen to Led Zeppelin.  

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DD Hunter said...

I guess I am really the last person to even try and answer this question.

To me it has never really been about the band, but rather the song. And when I say song, I don't really mean the music, I mean the words. If it has a good beat to it and a catchy melody, that's fine, but if I can't understand the words enough to eventually sing along, forget it. Also if the subject matter of the song is something I personally find offensive, I'm not going to listen to it.

Sure I have artists that I really like and would love to see live, but, I don't know all the songs or have all the albums or c.d.s