Apr 4, 2009

All My Fun Revolves Around Food

Dan went running off to the remote regions of Northern IL with his pals today to play war games so Ella and I have the day to ourselves. We are kicking it off by catching up on our junkie TV and ranch flavored provisions. Later we may round out the day with fort making and fancy culinary feats (deviled eggs.) Dan may be home by then, it depends on how cool the games are and how rampant he feels like running. I am a tad bummed though as we had a couple of invitations form pals that are running some rampant of their own tonight, but alas we try to ration our already sparse baby sitter situation out so that we aren't overextending our resources.

I wish we had a babysitting service around here so that I could just call 1-800-POPPINS any old afternoon and by evening a delightful but stern, background-checked, lady would drop in with her umbrella to sing and dance with kiddo for enough hours that Dan and I could go gambling, or watch some stand up comedy, or eat some sushi or rent a limo and stick our heads out the top and yell "Woooohooo!" as we drive around town downing Champaigne and caviar or ranch flavored snacks and Miller High Life.


DD Hunter said...

I offer up spoons full of sugar Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the occasional Saturday and Sunday.

DD Hunter said...

until I find a job that is, then we can negotiate.

Jenny said...

Thank you and I promise not to overindulge.